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Importance Of Redesigning A Website


Website redesign happens when a website faces troubles in the middle of its journey.Website redesigning can be an easy task to do though sometimes it becomes quite hard. There are certain numbers of things which you can do in order to make our website more powerful than before. The Website Design Companies will give you […]

10 tell-tale signs that your website may need a redesign


This seems to be the year of the website redesign. So many companies and startups are relaunching brand new websites, and with good reason. Technology is changing, design trends are coming and going, how sites are used is changing, even things such as social media and community interaction are changing and shaping how websites should […]

Benefits Of A CMS Website


Contrary to a static website, a CMS or Content Management System based website is database driven or in other words is a dynamic website. The website information is stored in a database and is fetched in real time when a user looks for that information. Static website has the information hard coded or written on […]

Do We Really Need Responsive Web Design?


By: Sanjay Ahuja,September 9, 2013   Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the talk of the town ever since the surge in ownership of smart devices. Almost every organization wants a mobile version of their website. Similarly, in the space of eLearning, organizations are allowing their employees to access content on mobile devices with various screen […]

Web Design Mistakes To Avoid


Having attractive & pixel perfect website design has become a norm these days. So, a small mistake in web design can lead to a big loss so every small mistake should be avoided if you want 100% positive result of your website design. In this article you will be aware with the web design mistakes […]

Planning Your First Website


1. Plan Think about what you want the website to do for your business. Write this down and do research to find out how you can set up your website to achieve your goals. 2. Budget Set the amount you have to play with, most website developers will be happy to work to a ‘staged’ […]

Content Management Systems (CMS)


1. How Do You Want To Manage Your Content? Decide how you want to manage your content – do you just want to update text or do your want to be able to add images and extra pages to your website? Write a list outlining what you want to be able to do on your […]

Ecommerce & Shopping Carts


1. Select Your Shopping Cart Tool Select the shopping cart or online payments solution that best suits you. Click the link below for a brief description of each of our Shopping Cart products. > SRK IT Solutions – ChennaiHost Shopping Cart Portals 2. Choose Your Online Payments Partner This will depend on your business expectations […]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics


1. Register Your Domain Name for 2 Years When you register your domain name, register the name for 2 years or more. This tells search engines that your website is a permanent fixture and not a short term solution. 2. Add Your Website To All Search Engines Make sure you list your website URL with […]

Website Design & Your Website


  1. Consider Why You Want A Website Your website should do something for your business whether it provides information to your customers or sells products. Think about how your website could help you and your business. Make it work for you. 2. Register Your Domain Name Your website should have its own domain name […]

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