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The Web Designer’s Cheat Sheet


Posted by Nicola Allen on Jul 16, 2013 When working on a new site, most web designers are no stranger to all-nighters, copious amounts of coffee and even repetitive strain injury (ouch!). No surprise then that the best coders are lazy coders that are always looking for anything that makes coding quicker, less tedious and more fun. […]

Blogger Or WordPress – How They Compare


By Richard Robbins Bloggers: Should You Use or WordPress? (also known as Blogspot) and WordPress are the two most commonly used blogging platforms today. was a pioneer in the blogging industry, allowing users to set up accounts and blog for free beginning in 1999. was purchased by Google in 2003, which enabled […]

Jeanne Grunert on How to Create Effective Content


Find Your Audience’s Motivation Whether it’s for articles, websites, or social media – writing effective content isn’t always easy. First, you have to understand the dynamics of your audience and then meet their needs with benefit-oriented content. Why? Your efforts to increase credibility, exposure and traffic will fall short if readers can’t find how you benefit their […]

Making A Website From Concept To Completion


By Nikhil Malhotra The new website as a whole should be included in the project thinking as it is of great importance. The website that is created must be unified in optimization, usability, experience, functionality, design and content. A streamlined process should be followed. The same strategy and process should be followed for all the […]

Designing Beautiful Artist Websites – 12 Tips To Showcase Your Art


1. Who needs an artists website? Not everyone! If you are currently exhibiting in multiple high-end galleries and making a handsome income, a website may not be for you. In fact, it might actually work against you – some galleries may not like the perceived threat of you showing your work independently on the internet. Better to make […]

How to install cakephp on wamp server


                 Downloading – Stable or Alpha Version Step one is downloading CakePHP . The first problem that you’ll run into is that there are two (2) versions to pick from: Stable 1.1 and Alpha 1.2. When I first started out, I needed to use CakePHP for a project instantly, so I […]

Using reCAPTCHA with PHP


Using reCAPTCHA with PHP What is Captcha? A CAPTCHA is a challenge response test used on computers to check if the user is human. A common kind of CAPTCHA that is used on websites requires that the visitor type the letters and numbers of a distorted image. This method is based on the fact that […]

Can you use PHP without frameworks nowadays?


The PHP community mindset For example, I met Ilia Alshanetsky, a contributor to the PHP core, at the PHP Barcelona conference  in October.  He said he’s not considering frameworks in his work. I don’t know if he meant going procedural or only avoiding incorporating frameworks as external code, but that’s a start. The costs of frameworks Learning curve […]

How to convert HTML to WordPress Theme?


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which allows us to generate cool websites or blogs with thousands of themes and plug-ins available as well as permit to create our own theme by converting HTML. Here we contribute the article on How to Convert HTML to WordPress Theme, that helps you to modernize your website or […]

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