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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics


1. Register Your Domain Name for 2 Years When you register your domain name, register the name for 2 years or more. This tells search engines that your website is a permanent fixture and not a short term solution. 2. Add Your Website To All Search Engines Make sure you list your website URL with […]

Website Design & Your Website


  1. Consider Why You Want A Website Your website should do something for your business whether it provides information to your customers or sells products. Think about how your website could help you and your business. Make it work for you. 2. Register Your Domain Name Your website should have its own domain name […]

Domain Name Registration


  1. Select A Name If you are starting a new business, select a name that will help you with Business Directories. Most of these Directories list alphabetically so the closer you get to a name starting with ‘A’ the higher your placement will be in the listings. (This does not apply to Search Engines) […]

Domain Name Terms


This will be a list of domain name terms that are commonly used in the industry. I hope this eases some confusion or at least educates a few people out there. There’s nothing more frustrating than talking to customer service and not understanding the words they’re saying. Administrative Contact: The administrative contact is an individual […]

Limited Offer


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A Brief Introduction to Web Hosting


The more the amount of websites on the Internet grow, the more important web hosting is to keeping those websites thriving. Anyone who has a website, whether it be for business or for fun, will require the services of a good web host. Web hosting companies understand this need and usually bend over backwards to […]

Challenges for a Website Design Company


Well we have read enough articles about how to choose an appropriate web designing company, what aspects we should keep in our mind before approaching any website designing company etc etc. Actually I was also thinking the same to write an article on similar topics but suddenly my mind forbade me. I thought we as a website design […]

The Web Designer’s Cheat Sheet


Posted by Nicola Allen on Jul 16, 2013 When working on a new site, most web designers are no stranger to all-nighters, copious amounts of coffee and even repetitive strain injury (ouch!). No surprise then that the best coders are lazy coders that are always looking for anything that makes coding quicker, less tedious and more fun. […]

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