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HTML: How-to Tips

Published: Jun 28, 2013

Here are some HTML tips to get the results you are looking for:

  1. How to Make a URL/Website Address “Linkable”:

    This code:

    <a href=”“></a> 

    will make “” a clickable link.

    Just substitute your website address into the above code and now you know how to “link” up a website address.

  2. How to Create an Anchor Text Link:

    This code:

    <a href=”“>Your Website Address</a> 

    will make “Your Website Address” a clickable link.

  3. How to Make Something Bold:

    This code:

    <b>Make my words bold</b>

    will make the words between the <b></b> code bold.

  4. How to Make Something Italic:

    This code:

    <i>Make my words italic</i>

    will make the words between the <i></i> code italic.

  5. How to Make Something Underlined:

    This code:

    <u>Make my words underlined</u>

    will make the words between the <u></u> code underlined.

  6. How to Make a Bullet Point List:

    This code:

    <li>First bullet</li>
    <li>Second bullet</li>
    <li>Third bullet</li>

    will create a list with round bullets.

  7. How to Make a Numbered List:

    This code:

    <li>First point</li>
    <li>Second point</li>
    <li>Third point</li>

    will create a list with descending numbers for each point.


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