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How mobile ready website can increase your sales?


For every website , Google search engine ranking is very important. If website is getting top rank in google search then, it will get more visitors. More visitor means more business. Starting April 21, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Double-check  your  sites are ready for this change […]

Responsive Web Design is KEY in a Quality Browsing Experience

mobileresponsive ChennaiHost

Rate Your Browsing Have you ever viewed a website on your smartphone or tablet and found it difficult to read because it required extensive resizing and scrolling? This occurred because the website didn’t have responsive web design. Is your website or blog responsive? If it isn’t, we highly recommend taking the necessary measures to provide […]

5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Sales


    Step 1 : Buy your desired domain name – example : The domain name should be very simple and short. You can also use abbreviations. If you are in business, better to choose “.com / .in / “ Step 2 : Get emails on your website name and use it for your business. It will indirectly […]

How to Make Your Website Load Faster?

How to make your website load faster - ChennaiHost

One of the best things you can do to promote your brand experience online, is to take a few simple steps to help your website load faster.   1. Optimize your images for web — use 65% image quality of jpeg instead of 100%. 2. Eliminate or minimize the use of frames within the pages. […]

How can a Website improve your business?

Increase Your Business - ChennaiHost

Websites are good for business – everyone knows that! But have you ever stopped to ask yourself – what are the ways that a website can help my business? If not, you are in luck – we have listed some of them below.   Always available — Your web site is open 24/7 so your customers […]

Why your small business needs its own email address ?

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A custom email address helps you create a professional image and boosts your business credibility. Another important reason for setting up customized email addresses for your business is the flexibility it gives you. For instance, when selecting your custom email address, you can select email aliases for various departments such as or This provides more clarity to […]

How to create customized email address at your business / company name ?

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If you’re running your own small business, your customized email address will reflect your identity, just like your business card and letterhead. In fact, your email address is your most important “calling card” – it lets potential clients know you’re well-established and professional. Having your own customized email address — with your own name as […]


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Are you a start up? Are you a small business owner? Got an idea for selling your products online? Let me guess! You must be aware of now that, how effective and money saving it is, to have an e-commerce / shopping cart website? to sell your products online. The thought of selling online is […]



The Importance of Having A Website for Any Business   One of the most surprising things when you look at small businesses is how many of them don’t have a website. You would think that in this day and age everybody would know how important a website is for all businesses. Clearly that is not […]

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