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Challenges for a Website Design Company

Published: Jul 24, 2013

Well we have read enough articles about how to choose an appropriate web designing company, what aspects we should keep in our mind before approaching any website designing company etc etc. Actually I was also thinking the same to write an article on similar topics but suddenly my mind forbade me. I thought we as a website design company face a lot of challenges every day. So why not write an article on this topic.

If you are going to design a website it’s very important to understand client’s psychology. Now one can argue that we are not here to do assessments like psychologists. We are designers and our work is designing only. Of course it is also true but believes me it matters a lot. Different people have different point of views to observe things. Like we can say that the glass is half filled but others can say that it is half empty. I am emphasizing on understanding client’s psychology because sometimes we really work hard on the aesthetics of website. No doubt the final outcome also comes but client rejects and all are hard works goes waste.

I am not saying that no to work hard but work hard in the right direction. I am also thinking that there is a need of a psychological assessment form to be filled by client before handling over any project to a designer. In this form we can ask client directly or indirectly about his/her likes, dislikes, requirement etc. This will help a designer to design according to the client.

Second major challenge is to decide price for our services. Now a days IT sector is on its peak. People can find a lot of web design companies offering their services at huge discounts. People take it as a jackpot and run towards their offers. They compare offers given by other companies not even have a look on their services and portfolio. After the revealing of their fake promises and unsatisfactory work, people set their mind as all companies are fake. They don’t want to understand that not every company is fake but it’s they who have to choose correctly. What shines is not gold always. People should understand that no company can offer all services in a limited budget. It can be a starter only.

Last but not the least challenge is to meet deadline web companies face a lot of problems in meeting deadline. It’s not because they are not capable but many times other factors also matter. Sometimes client does not know what exactly he wants and continuously make changes in his/her requirement. Sometimes client does not provide the needed content on time and then blames the company for late delivery

We as a company take all this happily because for us customer comes first. In my opinion a written agreement should be done between both sides which contain terms and conditions of client and company as well to avoid any further misunderstandings.