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Published: Aug 23, 2013

1. Select Your Shopping Cart Tool
Select the shopping cart or online payments solution that best suits you. Click the link below for a brief description of each of our Shopping Cart products.
> SRK IT SolutionsChennaiHost Shopping Cart Portals

2. Choose Your Online Payments Partner
This will depend on your business expectations and monthly turnover. All banks now offer Payment Gateway services. There are plenty of ecommerce options now available for businesses of all sizes.
> How to set up a PayPal Account

3. Develop Your Online Legal Documents
Develop your Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions of Sale and Returns Policy. Make sure that these documents match up to the requirements of your online payments partner. If you subscribe to Web Prophets Shopping Cart we can provide templates of these pages for you to work with.

4. Select A Postage Method For Your Products
Select a postage method for your products, if required. All shopping cart products offer different options. Options can include fixed price per order/product, individual price per product and your own courier pricing based on dimensions, weight and location. Please note additional setup fees may apply and custom built solutions to fit your exact needs are also available.

5. Research Other Shopping Cart Websites
Check out other shopping cart websites for clues on the kind of functionality you want in your cart.

6. Organise Your Products
Organise your products and your website. Plot out how you want your products to be displayed, separate them according to catalogues, categories and sub categories.

7. Photograph Your Products
Get photographs taken of your products – remember the better your products look the more appealing they will be for a prospective purchaser.

8. Investigate All Other Costs Involved
Investigate other software you may need to run your business, such as image formatting software and accounting software. Be clear about the set-up costs for launching online.

9. Supply The Required Information
Supply the required information about your shopping cart plans to your website designer and/or shopping cart provider. Your website designer may need design guidelines for your website to meet a shopping cart specifications, while your shopping cart provider will need your selected payment gateway information and some sample data on your products for testing (most shopping cart providers will have a recommended format for you to deliver this information).

10. Build A Marketing Strategy
Build a marketing strategy for your shopping cart to alert your customers and attract sales. Short on ideas? Take a look at our Emarketing ideas below.
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