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Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Published: Aug 23, 2013

Having attractive & pixel perfect website design has become a norm these days. So, a small mistake in web design can lead to a big loss so every small mistake should be avoided if you want 100% positive result of your website design. In this article you will be aware with the web design mistakes which must be avoided in order to save your website from being a failure.

No matter how much your products and services are appealing to the potential customers, a poor web design is often a primary reason for the website failure. Most people believe that if you have an amazing personality and have a great personal style you can be a good website designer. Wrong assumptions though, everybody at some point of time in their life have witnessed really absurd designs of the website that in spite of appealing the prospective visitor and have forced them to revert to the different website.

It is not necessary whether you are appealing personal style or the brand of the company your designing firm is representing. You will be still be able to get an outstanding design if you could just avoid the below mentioned web design mistakes.

To have a quality website, it is important that you have a sound knowledge of the design conventions. Without the know-how you might be able to create a good design but not an interesting one. Here are couples of glitches that determine the failure of the web designs.

Lack Of Detail

A visitor finds the website useless because the design of your website lacks detail. Many times it happens that a designer find that he/she has covered every aspect when it comes to web design than it is time to rethink it. It is easy to overlook a minor thing; even a professional web designer can make such mistake.

Distracting Background

It is good to have an eye catching design, but too much spoils the appeal. Web designing is not about heavy backgrounds, but it should be focusing the message the website is all about. Do not use busy, or high visual impact websites it just distracts the original message of it.

No Balance

Balance is the vital element else it is deemed to be lost with other websites. It shouldn’t have those eye poking colors. Too much bright color dims the content and the visitor finds it difficult to focus and read what the website is all about.

Using Emboss and Bevel

The new designers are now using a lot of emboss and bevel technique because they believe that it looks impressive. Not 100% true. This technique should not be abused rather should be used only when required. The design looks weak, amateur, and unprofessional.

Too Much Design

Too much of design and too much of content spoils the look of the website. Also, ensure that the design isn’t clumsy it should create a neat impression on the first look.

Design Is Mismatching

This is perhaps another great flaw. The website designers at times lack that creative touch and create the website design that isn’t matching with the website theme. The colors, the background should match with the content tone.

Uncle Bob

A website design should relate as per today’s time and not some Uncle Bob time. The design with an ancient look apart from it is related to some historical website clearly fails to match up the measure of the visitors. Put a design that is fresh and cheerful.

Design Should Be Subjective

Let your visitor decide whether it is a good design or a bad design, but from your part, it should clearly indicate the objective. It should help you reach your objective – you are getting fifty qualifying lead then your website is lucrative no matter how ugly it is.

White Space

It is the space spared between the content and important elements that balance the design flow of the website. It gives a clean look to the website making it more readable.

Design Decision Makers Are Busy

Not fair, the main and foremost reason behind the poor design of the website is because of poor decisions. The organization is too busy to spend time to go through. They just leave all the things to their web design company which is bizarre.

There are certain steps/web design guidelines that require following from saving your website design from a failure. It is not just a task, rather a creative work which requires attentiveness and mindfulness to get desired results.

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