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Website Design & Your Website

Published: Aug 23, 2013


1. Consider Why You Want A Website
Your website should do something for your business whether it provides information to your customers or sells products. Think about how your website could help you and your business. Make it work for you.

2. Register Your Domain Name
Your website should have its own domain name i.e. so that customers can easily find you.

3. Outline And Plan
Prepare an outline/plan to help you through the stages required to design, manage and promote your website.

4. Research And Analyse Competitors Websites
Analyse your competitors websites, and develop a list of a few websites that you really like the look and feel of. From this develop a list of ideas for your website.

5. Get Your Content Together
Plan the content for your website including text and images. Remember when planning your pages a potential customer should find the information they want within 3 clicks.

6. Write A Brief
Provide a website brief for your website designer. Ask for feedback and ideas on how to make the website work for your business.

7. Select Your Website Designer
Choose a website designer who can grow with your needs. Select someone that you feel you can build a long term relationship with. Work with them to get your site online.

8. Include Your Web Address on All Business Literature
Promote your website on all of your printed business literature.

9. Add Your Business To All Search Engines
Make sure your business is listed with the main search engines.
Search Engine Registration:
> Google
> Yahoo

10. Look At Your Website Statistics
Develop a strategy to drive potential and current customers to your website. Measure your efforts by using your website statistics.
> Google Analytics