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What is Linux Hosting?

Published: Feb 18, 2012

Linux hosting simply refers to a web host running the Linux operating system on their server along with the database and other software.  The functionality and flexibility of Linux has made it a viable alternative to Windows and even other Unix-based systems, the platform it is designed after.  Linux is world renown for its capability as a reliable system built for the network server environment.  Linux web hosting is often referred to as a LAMP, a server model based on the Linux operating system, the Apache server software, a MySQL database and the PHP programming language.  Over the years, Linux has consistently been the preferred choice for serving web pages and powering web-based applications.  Currently, nearly 50 million websites are being hosted on this platform worldwide.



Inside the Lamp Server

Apart from the power and stability of the Linux operating system, the LAMP configuration plays a major role in the efficiency of such a web hosting package.  Here are more details on these essential components:

Linux: The Linux operating system was originally created in Finland by a young student named Linus Torvalds.  With a keen interest in Minix, a small variation of the Unix system, Torvalds was determined to create a system that exceeded the functionality of Minix.  The youngster began the project in 1991 and continued through 1994 with the release of a kernel in Linux 1.0.   The core of all Linux-based systems, this kernel was included as a part of the GNU General Public License, making the source code freely available to developers.  Today, hundreds of developers have released their own systems based on the original Linux kernel.  Popular variants used by web hosting providers include RedHat and Fedora among others.

Apache: Apache was developed to maintain an open-source HTTP platform for modern systems such as Windows and Unix variants.  The goal of the project is to provide an efficient, secure, extensible server that facilitates HTTP services in accordance to existing HTTP standards.  Research shows that more than 60% of the websites functioning on the internet are powered by Apache servers.

MySQL: MySQL is the most widely used database management system today, said to have more than 10 million installations worldwide.  MySQL is preferred by many businesses along with numerous internet powerhouses including The Associated Press, NASA, Sabre Holdings, Suzuki and Yahoo.  Offering scalability, reliability and award-winning speed, MySQL makes an excellent choice for high-powered corporations and is one of the premiere features of a web hosting plan.

PHP: PHP is one of the oldest programming languages on the web.  Though it is mainly implemented into server-side applications and used to create dynamic web pages, it can also be executed from a command line interface and even in standalone graphical programs.  PHP is predominant in the LAMP server configuration though languages such as Perl and Python can be used as well.

The advantages of Linux hosting is an attractive combination of technical benefits and cheaper costs.  This platform offers reliability, readily available scripts and programs along with a greater level of control.  If stability and functionality is something your business requires, you stand to gain a lot with Linux hosting.

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LINUX Web hosting is reliable in hosting PHP, perl, CGI scripts with backend Database as MySQL

Most of the Online Portals, Blogs, forums, Image Galleries etc.. are using PHP, which gives the companies and Programmers to develop the websites in low cost. Buying the Linux Hosting will give you the full control on managing the PHP, MySQL websites.

As it is Open Source you get wide range of scripts and programs which can be used to start your websites without any knowledge.

We are also providing Linux Reseller Plans which gives you the option to resell the Linux Based hosting plans to your Customers

All Linux hosting package comes CPANEL web-hosting control panel, The #1 controlpanel for Linux based hosting. Which gives you the flexibility to manage your hosting account from email creation to managing the Addons for the hosting account.

The Advantage of CPANEL is Fantastico integration. Fantastico gives you the option to install 40+ open source scripts to install in Single click. Fantastico include:
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