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What is Web Hosting?

Published: Mar 15, 2012

Since its inception in 1991, internet is flourishing tremendously and cheap web hosting providers are responsible for all this development. Immense development has been achieved over the course of last 11 years. Its relation with World Wide Web is also very important. We can say that with the e-commerce, entertainment and plenty of opportunities, web hosting is one of the greatest technical innovations of our time. World Wide Web revolutionized the internet world within short span of time.

web hosting

web hosting

In the early days, internet was confined to the computer experts, universities and government agencies. But with technological development and affordability of acquiring personal computer, internet usage becomes more common. The concept of web hosting also came on the cyber scene during this evolutionary period. Web hosting made it much easier for the consumers to obtain the domain names and web pages. The web hosting supported the static pages and dynamic pages at the same time. Web hosting companies provide the space for the web sites on their server. They also provide internet connectivity.  Free email address search  website.

Web hosting used to be very simple yet expensive at the early stages of its inception. Responding to the diverse needs of customers, web hosting too becomes more technical and a bit complex. Now its quiet an easy thing to build and administer a web site. Web hoisting has also become competitive. There was a time when web hosting was only considered to be corporate sector or institutional solution. Today, everyone can make his own website and for personal as well as for business purpose.

Web hosting was quite simple in the beginning but it has now become more diverse. It has so many different solutions and packages that one need to master it to make good use of it. The advent of audio-visual applications has added great freedom of entertainment to web hosting world. Web hosting is catering to whole world.

Web hosts provide many facilities in web sites. You can have the data center space and internet connectivity with the web hosting. There are various types of web hosting like dedicated web hosting, shared hosting and collocation hosting etc. All these web hosting are good and the selection of the web ghosts depend on the needs and requirements of your business and web sites. Web hosting has brought a new concept to online world and has taken-away all the worries, hassles and complexity of managing website.

Web hosting companies are the connection between an individual or company and World Wide Web readers. To put a webpage online, one must go through a web host.

The webpage developer will upload his or her design to the web host according to the company’s guidelines and policies, and based on the type of software the webpage designer has used. That upload submits the files to the web host, and then the webpage is published for all to see on the Internet.

Many web hosts, such as popular HostMonster, offer a number of tools to help their clients not only to simplify the process of uploading files to a webpage, but even offer programs to help build webpages quickly and easily. Virtually anyone can build a webpage with these simple, yet effective, tools. Knowing html code is not important with aids such as HostMonster “Website Builder” or software like Dreamweaver.

When choosing a web host, it’s important to keep your personal or corporate goals in mind. If it’s your own personal website, you might not mind if the web host puts banner ads on it. However, if it’s a corporate site you’re preparing, do you want your web host to advertise similar businesses on your page? Many web hosts offer free web hosting services if the company is allowed to place advertising on it or charge a small fee to keep it clear of outside sponsors. If you are looking to host with a provider that does not display any ads you may want to consider reading our web hosting reviews to find the perfect fit for your needs.